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A little bit about Janet Manson

My name is Janet Manson and I love working on art. I don't remember when I really started producing art, it was just always something I enjoyed doing. More of my work started in the crafts realm, and then I got into more stained glass which has been a great experience. But my work now has taken me into painting and pottery, both of which I love. Painting is such relaxing action, yet it can be tedious and time consuming. And then pottery became a true interest after a class I took, which allowed me to try many different methods and styles that all came out great. I wish I could produce art full time, and that reality might be coming soon, as I hope to retire sometime soon. In the future I hope to work more in paint, pottery, and stained glass while always exploring other medias of work.

Feel free to contact me to talk about possible art projects or to find out about my latest shows and work. I am located around the Kansas City area and often have work shown around the city.
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